T-Pro Services - Samples

T-Pro Services produces technical support products:

Review any of the samples (underlined links below) to see how you can put a new face on your product support. T-Pro Services will help you plan, create and maintain support materials for your products and customers.slide_images_b

Illustrations and Schematics


v8_engine_lubeIllustrations play an important role in any printed material. They can help us find the component, understand its use/function, repair or replace it.

Sample - Illustrations


schematic_sampleThere are many ways to learn and understand how a machine works. With simple machines, it might be easy to take it apart and look at the individual componts. This doesn't work so well for some of the complex systems available today. Schematics provide a road map to:

Also, schematics can usually be understood more easily without the need for translation.

Sample - Schematics

Product Support Materials and Manuals

product_support_imageDo you know what you want to say but not how to say it? Do you have the bulk of the material but it needs to look better? Do you have the template but just don't have the time to put of the finishing touches on it. If you need graphics or additional descriptive content, talk to us about putting your materials in a professional package. We want to impress you and your customers.

Sample - Fuel System Support

Sample - Color Display Support

Note: Complete product manuals are often too large to view here. Please contact us to discuss something with a larger scope.

Training and Training Materials

biogrind_control_panelHave you ever gone to a training session where the facilitator flipped through a Power Point presentation and read the text on each slide to the group. With nearly 10 years of technical training experience we can provide more than someone to read text from a screen or a book to the group.

Control Panel - Panel Simulator

Sample Electronic Diagnostics - Drive-Train

Sample Electronic Diagnostics - Engine Programming

Sample Electronic Diagnostics - Crawlers and Dozers

Sample Hydrostatic Drive System - 3-90C Propulsion

Sample Electrical System - 3-90C Electrical

Customer Instructions

score_board_instructionsMany products we purchase require customer assembly. Do you know the assembly process but want fresh layout? Do you have the product but cannot devote the time required to adequately describe and illustrate the process. Graphics, assembly and page layout. We want your customers to like what they see.

Sample - Torch Assembly

Sample - Torch Mount

On Site Editing

Need additional staff to edit manuals, graphics, or other materials but hiring is out of the question. T-Pro Services will come to your location near the Milwaukee/Chicago corridor to fill the short fall. If you need software or hardware for that editing job, we can provide that as well. We have a wide variety of industry-standard programs for desktop publishing.

Translation Placement

Translated documents are tricky and time consuming. If you have a native document that needs to go to a special market, we can have the text translated and place the translations to maximize the sucess of the program. Short business letter or a more lengthy project requiring translation, we can discuss that too.